Holistic Renewal Spa Package including energy healing

 A relaxing half day detox spa treatment  

will transform the feeling of 

stressed to relaxed, 

overwhelmed to focused, 

mundane to extraordinary, 

your whole body will 

feel lighter and renewed.  

It will  help you 

release non-beneficial energies and 

physical toxins 

to make space for the 

growth and nurturing of 

supportive energies you need to help 

embrace the future you desire.

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Relax | Refresh | Renew

Release What Is Holding You Back

Are you tired of feeling sluggish? 

Are you lacking energy, feeling unmotivated, and unbalanced?  

Taking time out for yourself is so important! We all have such busy schedules and life commitments that it is now more important than ever to allow ourselves time to recoup. It doesn’t have to be a week off in a tropical island, although that is beneficial too, but taking one day, once a month, just for you, boosting your immune system, increase your brain’s dopamine and serotonin levels and    re-energize you, leaving you in a state of mind to tackle the challenge of work and life.

The Holistic Renewal Detox Spa Package has been carefully designed to help you break through the chaos and fog to recharge, refocus, and re-balance. At the end of this 4 hour session you will walk out feeling lighter, knowing you have granted the release of the energies and toxins that have been making you feel stuck.  


You Are Worth It!

Holistic Renewal Detox Spa Package

The Holistic Renewal Detox Spa Package provides you with the spiritual healing you need. Focus on your physical self and the energetic being, to bring your body, mind, and spirit back into alignment, through energy healing and coaching


Reflexology or Reiki

MaxBurn (TM) Vibration Plate

3in1 ((TM) Ion Foot Detox

Relax (TM) Sauna



Scalar Energy Field 

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Get Ready to Embrace Clarity


Engage Your Spirit

When your day-to-day life becomes stressful and burdensome it is time to take action. Give yourself the gift of letting go to allow yourself the power to accept healing and positive energy. In just 4 hours, you will start a shift, that can bring you mental and physical clarity, to help you embrace the possibilities of the life ahead of you. 

Over the following weeks, you will notice a subtle ongoing shift, as your energy and body adjust.

Commit to Your Wellbeing

You deserve dedicated time to yourself that helps you relax, refresh, and renew. Your well being is a top priority. Allow me to provide you with the care you need, though coaching, spiritual healing and energy healing.

Client Testimonials

"I'm feeling really, really awesome right now. The whole session was just really balancing and centering for me."

~Catherine G.